Victoria Falls: Wonder, Wildlife & Adventure

Victoria Falls’ incredible natural beauty, activities and remarkable wildlife appeal to many types of travellers. Whether you want to see a natural wonder, are an adrenaline junkie or a combination of the two – it’s all at your feet in this little town.

A real highlight of Victoria Falls Town is the way in which humans and wildlife co-exist. Our group stayed at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, which borders the Zambezi National Park. On our way to breakfast, it was not unusual to pass monkeys, warthog or impala. Coming across wild animals like this really completes the experience of a stay at this popular lodge.

The grounds at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
Vervet monkeys and a family of warthogs at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. 

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge 'Vulture Culture' experience.
Watching vultures swoop down to feed in front of the lodge. A curious giraffe! 

We travelled to Victoria Falls in February, the midst of the rainy season. This meant that our group was in for a real treat during our tour of the famous Falls (the largest sheet of falling water in the world!).

During these hot summer months, temperatures can reach around 30°C; and the abundance of mist thrown up by The Falls gave much needed relief in the humid weather.

Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls
When water levels are high you can hear, see and feel the spray from the Falls.

On Day 2, the group ignited their creative side. Imagine an art session, overlooking a gorge in Victoria Falls? This is the unique activity that they got to experience!

Paired with their African-shaped pallets, the group allowed their creative juices to flow during an outdoor art session atop the magnificent Batoka Gorge. Such a fun and interactive few hours, and a great option for any group of travellers or as a team building activity.

Art session overlooking Batoka Gorge
Let’s get creative: fun and interactive art session in beautiful surroundings.

For lunch we went to The Three Monkeys, a vibrant pub and grill restaurant located in an old railway carriage. Here we were treated to delicious food and an even better atmosphere. I would certainly recommend this restaurant for your next visit!

Our final day, Day 3, was set aside for adrenaline and adventure! Most of the group chose to spend the day on the Zambezi River; white water rafting or raft floating. One of the travellers even tried her hand at rowing during the raft float activity!

Zambezi River raft float
Floating (and a bit of paddling) along a quiet stretch of the Zambezi River.

Zambezi River white water rafting
Those up for a bit more adrenaline, opted for white water rafting instead. 

The rest of the group enjoyed ziplining across the gorge and some even braved the Flying Fox! The Flying Fox involves ziplining across a 200m wide and 120m deep gorge.  Not for the faint-hearted!

Victoria Falls ziplining
Getting ready for high wire activities: zip lining & the Flying Fox!

The culmination of the trip was a sunset cruise on the Zambezi, floating down the river, spotting elephant and hippo. We rounded off the cruise with a Riverside Gala Dinner – a night to remember!

Victoria Falls is a truly special and unforgettable destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Zambezi River sunset cruise to round off this incredible Victoria Falls incentive.

Written by: Nahdia Rodgers (pictured with Katie Keane & Raffaella Montali)

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