Group Travel: Events as Incentives

Think of the last big trip that you took. I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing captures the imagination like travel, and it’s not just those few days away. The excitement starts building months before you board your plane, and the memories last long after your journey has ended.

That’s why travel is such a great incentive. The opportunity to travel is a tangible reward and one worth striving for! Then, after all that hard work and extra effort, what better way to celebrate than with an aspirational journey that would never have happened otherwise.

Some might argue that a cash bonus has the same effect. But time and again studies have shown that incentive travel is a better motivator than money. Why? Because a bonus is often swallowed up by debts and daily expenses, so the positive effects are short lived.

There are many reasons why incentive travel is so effective:

  • People love to feel recognised and appreciated for their hard work.
  • Travel is a highly attractive reward that generates real excitement.
  • The shared travel experience really brings people together.
  • Time away reenergises people after a period of high work pressure.
  • Travel helps people regain an enthusiasm for trying new things.
  • Travel improves morale which leads to a better work environment.
  • People talk about their travel experiences, which is great PR.
  • Travel incentives help companies retain high achieving staff.
  • Travel memories motivate people towards further achievements.

Using Events as Travel Incentives

Many of our most successful incentive programmes are arranged around events such as a big game or festival. Not only does the group get to experience a new destination, but then there’s the added excitement of a bucket list moment – something that will be talked about for years to come.

It might be the feeling of being right there in the stadium watching a final. Or looking down from the banks of the Mara River as the great wildebeest migration surges past hungry crocodiles. These are the experiences that connect people, as they share in the thrill of that unforgettable moment.

Our programme managers at Giltedge Incentives are skilled at designing travel experiences around the interests and budgets of each client – picking just the right event to inspire and motivate your team. Here are a few examples taken from recent successful programmes.

Recent Programmes Incorporating Events

UEFA Champion League Finals 2016

VIP treatment at the Champion League Finals

UEFA Champion League Finals: In May we took a group to Milan to watch the UEFA Champions League final. Sport really has a way of connecting people, and even if they aren’t die-hard football fans they can’t help but get caught up in the incredible atmosphere at the stadium.

Game viewing in Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve

Balloon safari and meeting the Maasai in Kenya

Great Wildebeest Migration: This year we took a couple of groups to Kenya to catch the annual wildebeest migration. Along with great game viewing they took to the skies in a hot-air balloon safari, has a champagne breakfast on the plains and met Maasai warriors.

Taste of Amsterdam Festival 2016

Exploring the beautiful city of Amsterdam

Taste of Amsterdam: June saw us at the Taste of Amsterdam Festival. While the festival was the main drawcard this trip had many highlights: a cheese making lesson, cruise on the canals, dining out in great restaurants, a bit of shopping and simply exploring this beautiful city.

Hungarian Grand Prix

The beautiful city of Budapest

Hungarian Grand Prix: Again the city of Budapest is a magical destination in itself, then over and above that you have the excitement of a major Formula 1 race. We’ve taken several groups to the Hungarian Grand Prix with the rest of the activities tailored around their particular interests.