Doing Good: Supporting community & conservation in Africa

Nowadays, more and more of our clients want to work with responsible companies who are creating a positive change and making a difference in the world.

We have partnered with the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) because our planet is our gift and our responsibility. The CCFA is a registered non-profit company, founded by Mantis and Accor, that supports communities in areas neighboring national parks and conservancies in Southern and East Africa.

Their focus is on creating employment through community projects and providing training on conservation to the locals. At the moment, the CCFA’s projects are active in South Africa, Rwanda, Namibia, Uganda and Kenya.

The CCFA’s aim is to uplift the communities around national parks and reserves
One of the projects by the CCFA is the Sera Conservancy is the first community-run black rhino sanctuary in East Africa
Another project that’s part of the CCFA is the Northern Rangelands Trust in Kenya.
Photo by: Nicholas Lelesit

Additionally, we’re here to help you design a customized incentive travel experience with a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or philanthropic angle that will create a change in the world. Together with our trusted NGO partners, we can help you have a meaningful experience.

Read more about the CCFA and its conservation projects. 

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